Address Sanitizer in AudioFlinger

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Address Sanitizer in AudioFlinger

varsha vanga

I am trying to use the address sanitizer tool in Android AOSP -(Android 10.)
I am trying to check the possible memory leaks in AudioFlinger.

I have added the foll. code in Android.bp file (frameworks/av/services/audioflinger/Android.bp) to enable ASAN:

cflags: [
+        "-Wno-error",
+         "-fno-omit-frame-pointer",
+         "-O0",
+         "-Wno-frame-larger-than=",
+         "-fvisibility=hidden",
+         "-Wall",
+         "-Werror",
+          "-Wno-error=unused-function",
+         "-fsanitize-recover=address"

    clang: true,
    sanitize: {
        address: true,

I have inserted the intentional memory leak in the code so as to check the ASAN detection. built the code using "mm" and pushed it to the device.
But I do not get any issue reported/crash from ASAN. Seems that I need to enable ASAN in some other part of AOSP.
Can anyone help me with this. Hoping for the reply.


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