Android Automotive emulator with AOSP build

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Android Automotive emulator with AOSP build

HariGopal Gollamudi
I am trying to launch an automotive emulator with AOSP build image version android-9.0.0_r59
on Android Studio.
I have followed the same steps as for the Phone emulator. Phone emulator, I am able to launch but not for automotive. 

I have built the code for aosp_car_x86_64-userdebug variant
I have copied the .img files (encryption, ramdisk, system-qemu, userdata, vendor-qemu, kernel-ranchu) to ..sdk/system-images/android-28/android-automotive-playstore/x86 
renamed system-qemu to system, same for vendor as well. Also, renamed to kernel-ranchu-64.

Now, tried to launch the emulator. But failed. Appreciate if anyone provides the help.

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