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Preetham Gowda
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Gameloft Shows Off New Dev Diary For Modern Combat 4: Zero Hour:

You know that nagging feeling you get when something or someone is watching you? No? Well… this isn’t anything like that anyway. It’s more about the nagging Information Gameloft is parading in front of us about their newest installment to the Modern Combat series, Modern Combat 4: Zero Hour. Now, am I one to judge the so called tactics they have deployed to get everyone pumped up about this game? Absolutely not. Why? Because, I think I’m just as pumped. Gameloft is doing a very good job at making sure MC4 is at the fore front of everyone’s minds. They do this in many ways, but one very exciting thing about his new game is the multitude of Dev Diary videos they have put out showcasing not only some of the new features of the game but Developer commentary about the game and its features to boot!

This newest Dev Diary video talks about the games multiplayer experience and what the devs think of it. They want to ensure the gamers on Android and iOS have the best possible multiplayer experience. MC4:Zero Hour will boast up to a 12 person lead fury battle in game modes like Team Deathmatch and Warfare. We will also see some major improvements in the weaponry being used in this game compared to the last. Sound exciting so far? Check out all the raw details in the Dev diary!

Click here to view the embedded video.



Gameloft Launches World At Arms Onto Google Play For Sim/Strategy Fans

This game is kind of an odd placement even for Strategy fans. World At Arms is a mix between a strategy game much like an RTS and a SIM/World Builder. Weird right? I thought so too. In World At Arms you play as the USA and will have to face off against a rather nasty bunch of gents called the KRA. Much like other strategy games you will have to build up reserves of resources and money so you can pay for all the things that a war has for costs.

You’ll need to pay the soldiers, build bunkers and such and pay for the weaponry. Managing the economy during war time might be difficult, but you’ll have to get it done if you want to withstand the onslaught. The game has leader boards so if friendly or not so friendly competition is your thing, this feature will strike your fancy. Also, as you attack others you can loot them (cha CHING!) and then climb the leader boards even further.

You can even connect with your friends through Facebook or Gameloft Live. On top of social combat, you can even share units and forces with friends should they need help defeating a rather difficult opponent. If you’re a strategy fan then this just might be a diamond in the rough.





BattleFriends At Sea Is The Most Gorgeous Battleship Style Game Known To Man

Battleship fans rejoice. There is a new sheriff in town and by sheriff I mean game that will tickle your fancy.


If you loved playing battleship when you were a kid like I did then this surely must have you jumping around like a kid on a Sunday morning who was promised a trip to the zoo or some other random fun haven. BattleFriends At Sea is the newest game to hit android and take the social gaming world by storm and looks good while doing it. It’s free-to-play as you may have guessed which isn’t a bad thing. And…. Wait for it… it’s run on the unity engine which means… yep, Eye Candy!!! Anyone else already sold? At least for trying it out anyway?

Click here to view the embedded video.





Jet Set Radio Hits Android; Brings Back Nostalgic Memories Of Disenfranchised Youth And Rebellion

I touched on this a couple days ago as our Game Spotlight for this week. It’s possible some of you may have missed it though. Jet Set Radio has burst onto the Google Play store this week and I must say it’s a hell of a lot of fun just like back in the day. If you remember playing the SEGA Dreamcast as a kid then you will love getting down on some old school fun. The game will set you back $4.99 if you wish to relive those fond memories, but isn’t 5 bucks worth holding onto those grand days of yesteryear?





Zenonia 5 Finally Comes To Android

Zenonia 5 has arrived! We’ve all been waiting for the next big thing in the series. Well, it’s finally here. If you have been playing the Zenonia games as long as I have, which is from the beginning, then you know how exciting it is to see the next game in the franchise take shape and manifest onto your new device ready for play.

The game sure looks pretty, but it doesn’t stop there. A whole new set of characters to play will keep things fresh. Choose your fate as a Berserker, Wizard, Mechanic, or Paladin. Although I must say, the characters just have different class names but resemble old classes from previous titles. Ahh well, the game still kicks some major ass and adds some new features along the way. Multi-player is nothing new but it’s back in this newest title and in Zenonia 5 it seems you will also have the option to spend some of the ever popular in game currency called Zen (which of course costs real world money) to customize the look of your character or otherwise upgrade their skins. Pretty sweet!

The upgraded skins seem to add a sort of ability boost as well. Which if you like things a little easier, spending some hard earned cash may be just for you. If anything the skin upgrades look really cool, but I don’t know that their worth my money. In addition to the new aesthetics, Zenonia 5 will bring back that wonderful storytelling aspect it has had with it from the beginning. So far from what I can tell it will loosely tie into the past stories, how I am still not quite sure. Some insight is given in the trailer or at the least will get you amped up about playing it, but to find out all the really good stuff and how fun this game is, you’ll just have to download and play.





Final Fantasy Airborne Brigade Will Land On US Shores

Square Enix has been rather busy as of late bringing us a fairly large list of their popular titles for mobile. Final Fantasy being one of the better known of them. Here’s one more for the list just in case you didn’t think that all we had was enough. Square Enix and DeNA are teaming up to bring a Free-to-play Final Fantasy game to the US. What? A free-to-play FF game? I know I said the same thing. How could this be good? What will it be like? Well apparently it’s already available in Japan and seems to be making quite a stir or I imagine they wouldn’t drop it on us over here. It’s an MMORPG of sorts but not at all in the traditional sense, and also it’s just set in the final fantasy universe. You will command an airship and can globe trot around teaming up with other players and take down enemies. (DUH) Sweet Sweet loots are to be had if said evil baddies are disposed of properly. If you play a mmo, then you too have a sweet tooth. The game will be a friendly social free-to-play experience for those who are looking for something a little different in the way of FF. It is expected to show up on American Google Play Stores Sometime but there is no mention of when. Will there be micro transactions? No word on that either but we’ll keep you posted as learn more. Anyone excited for this? It’s kind of different but it could definitely be fun in place of the norm.

eFUSION Bringing A New MMORPG To Android This Month

MMORPGs are everywhere. Chances are some of you have played them. Ok, chances are lots of you have played at least one. Or you know someone who has. The allure of the MMORPG is simple. Vast worlds with endless content to explore, missions to complete, and plenty of other players to play and chat with while on your adventures. eFUSION is planning on releasing a new MMORPG onto Android this month, called Murim Wars, and if you haven’t found one you’re completely happy with yet, the maybe this is the one for you. The game looks like its set in Ancient Asia and will consist of different clans warring over who will gain conquest over the entire world. You will have the opportunity I’m assuming to choose and be part of a clan to either protect or conquer. If there is such a choice, which one will you choose? There will of course be a massively multi-player online experience in this game and you will be able to make or join a guild, chat with friends and battle enemies. PvP and PvE will both be incorporated and you can look forward to all of this very soon, as eFUSION has said the release date is going to be December 13th. That’s coming up in just under two weeks! We won’t have to wait long to see what Murim Wars is all about.

Clay Jam Rolls Onto The Play Store Thanks To Zynga And Fat Pebble

Have you ever just thought, why isn’t there a game available made entirely of clay? Me neither. Fat Pebble has though. So, they partnered with Zynga to get their masterpiece up and running and our lucky time has come. Clay Jam is now available on iOS and Android for probably the weirdest experience in a game you will have all year. You can squish stuff, you can roll around and dodge obstacles and of course what would a clay game be without the big ugly, monsters? Yea they’re here too and you have to dodge them also. So what’s the idea behind Clay Jam?

You have to save the land of Clay Jam and you will play the hero in this delightful little story who is appropriately named, “fat pebble.” You will have to roll down hill and collect clay while avoiding those huge ugly beasties. Everything in this game is made entirely of clay. So while there isn’t much to the game in the way of complexity, there is a certain level of artfulness to the way it was put together and when you sit back and marvel at even the simplest of games which was made up only using modeling clay it’s pretty impressive to think about. Clay Jam is family friendly given its quirky and oddball makeup so it should be a good pick up if you have a tablet or phone that is community based within the home. As stated above the game is free to play so you can pick this up without having to drop a dime. There will of course be micro transactions available if you wish to make saving Clay Jam a little easier.

Click here to view the embedded video.


New Physics Puzzler Freeze! Looks Great While Challenging Your Brain

I love puzzler platformers. They are addicting and challenging and yet so fun I enjoy them almost as much as anything else out there. The only issue is that there are so many out there. Which ones are worth it and which ones are wastes of time? Which ones are too easy and which ones will give you hours upon hours of enjoyment while making you think how the hell to get past that last level? The new game Freeze from Frozen gun games could very well fit the description.

It’s definitely a different spin on the genre and it is mainly tilt based game play that will have you scratching your head. If you hate the games that use the gyros not to worry because the tilting is touch based. The gist behind Freeze is that you are an eyeball that has to escape from a series of puzzling prison twists and turns. The game is set to Swiss music electronic/trance composer Karl Lukas and starts you off free with 25 available levels, with more available on the way through in app purchases. !0 additional bonus levels are going to be added as well once the game leaves its free promotion pricing. Sounds like a blast. I’m sold. Who else likes puzzle games?

Click here to view the embedded video.





Electronic Arts Launches A Daily Deals Widget Onto The Play Store

Who doesn’t love deals? That’s right, no one. No one “ doesn’t” love deals. Cause everyone loves a good deal! Especially on games! Luckily, EA is here to help us with this by launching a widget that is tied to their daily deals website so you they can force feed the savings right to the display of your android device. Awesome right?

I suppose maybe not for most if you never watch the daily deals site. But who says you can’t start? And now with this widget you’ll always be up to date on the latest and greatest deals. What a great time for EA to set this widget up with Christmas now less than a month away. The widget not only acts a window to the upcoming great deals on EA games but also serves as a hub where you can launch and play your already owned EA titles. Pretty slick so you don’t have to go back to the app drawer. If you fancy yourself a bargain hunter, then you may want to make your way to the play store and download this right away. Maybe you’ll even get a few holiday gift ideas.





Alphadia RPG Sequel Coming December 3rd

Kemco is known for their retro style RPGs. They have dozens of them on the play store. Alphadia, maybe one of their more popular titles is getting the follow-up sequel here in just a couple of days. Alphadia II will be set to launch on the 3rd of December, so we can dive right back into the world of Alphadia and fight the new evil injustice that has struck the land. Alphadia II is going to have quite a bit more game content and after a while allow for freely open world exploration.

This is good for people like me who really enjoy that aspect about an RPG. Just being able to go anywhere and do side quests and things was always the reason why I get so into RPGs in the first place. Along with the many dozens of quests, and people to meet on your journey there is a new combat system with unique skills set to each type of character. If you are a fan of the Kemco games and have even played the first Alphadia, pick this up once it’s available and continue the story.

Click here to view the embedded video.





     Preetham Gowda



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