Android R build: unrecognized property issues

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Android R build: unrecognized property issues

Balraj S
Hi Google,

I am using Android R release code base and trying to integrate our old Q based Android bp files into this R version. During build i am facing the below list of unrecognized property issues.

error: vendor/alliance/services/car/core/base/service/Android.bp:15:12: unrecognized property "api_dir"
error: vendor/alliance/system/bootanimation/Android.bp:43:23: unrecognized property "product_variables.product_is_iot"
error: vendor/alliance/system/bootanimation/Android.bp:85:23: unrecognized property "product_variables.product_is_iot"
error: vendor/alliance/system/bootanimation/iot/Android.bp:45:23: unrecognized property "product_variables.product_is_iot"
error: vendor/alliance/services/car/api-check/Android.bp:26:17: unrecognized property "api_tag_name"
error: vendor/alliance/services/car/api-check/Android.bp:54:17: unrecognized property "api_tag_name"

Can someone help me to fix these issues?

Balraj S.

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