Android build for RISC-V is failing on Emulator.

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Android build for RISC-V is failing on Emulator.

ghalib khan
Hello folks,

                           I have cloned and build aosp-riscv project for Emulator, Currently there was 2 issues as follows with the build step's what i have used,

$ cd aosp-riscv 

$ ./ 

Here, cloning and building aosp-riscv was successful, But when i lunch Emulator it started but stay at the blank screen with android log and show's  invalid register read & write, and end with Segmentation fault (core dumped) in few seconds as shown in below picture.

If you have ever faced this issue please ping me with the solution or any not can suggest any solution. 


Thanks in Advance,

Ghalib khan c.

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