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Build Kernel under Mac OS

Xian Liu

Hi, i am trying to build AOSP and Kernel under Mac OS for Raspberry Pi. I finished android build under mac os environment, but got problem during kernel build.

  1. problem occurs during repo init. i followed the instruction and got below error message:
    repo init -u -b arpi-5.10
    fatal: manifest 'default.xml' not available
    fatal: remote arpi already exists with different attributes
    i checked the default.xml from parent repo and found the kernel/arpi was configured with revision "arpi-5.4.y". i tried to change it
    without success. Any idea why this is happen? 
  2. problem occurs during kernel build. i created a directory outside from android folder and repo sync the kernel source code inside it successfully. Afterwards i moved all folder back to android directory for build. But during build i found that in the script build/ is basically configured for linux environment. For example gnome readlink is under mac os greadlink and rm command is used from repo:
    build/ line 522: /Volumes/android/rpi4-kernel/build/build-tools/path/linux-x86/rm: cannot execute binary file
    i do not want to modify the in this way to pass my build under mac os, therefore it will be great to have support for build under mac os environment.
    Thanks a lot!
PS: i used the android-rpi repository 

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