Cloning platform/manifest hangs forever

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Cloning platform/manifest hangs forever

David Kremer
Hello, it seem that I am running into a real issue, could not say exactly what I did if the problem comes from a bad setting.

Anyway, I hacked bits and pieces of the `repo` tool, because I was unable to download the source tree.

In the end, it seems to boil down to one single problem: I just can not clone the /platform/manifest repository on

Let me explain what happens:

1. I launch the repo tool, it tries to get the clone.bundle from Curl does not find it, so git is cloning the whole repo.
2. The git command is launched with subprocess.Popen and hangs forever.

The easiest way to reproduce is to simply run:

git clone

It hit the same brick wall than my previous attempts with the `repo` tool, meaning it hang forever, consuming one full CPU at 100% but not doing any IO, the memory of the git process is not changing neither.

Don't know exactly what's going on, I will try to go through the DL doc one more time.

Thanks for your time and effort.


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