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Color Management in Android Where?

  I have begun to do research for what Google has introduced for color management, but cannot find their calibration data.  I can find information related to their built-in classes that they provide for developers such as their ColorSpace and Adaptation classes, etc.  However, I cannot find what they use for a calibration reference.

  I have noticed many icc-profiles sprinkled throughout the code, but not something that would indicate that this is what they are referencing for a display profile.  To be clear, I am talking about the feature that is enabled in the developer options settings named 'Picture Color Mode'.  

  A secondary post discovered even hints at the fact that they might not be using an icc-profile as a reference, but that they reference calibration data.  So perhaps there is a non-standard format that they are using to represent their display profile.  It is my goal to track this down and understand it so that we can experiment with introducing our own display profile data into the system.

  I will continue to search for the calibration references, but if anyone has any idea of where to be searching (perhaps they have found it), then any guidance would be helpful.

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