Could not build gabi++ , -mthumb : bad variable name

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Could not build gabi++ , -mthumb : bad variable name

I download ndk source tree by git last week. When  I use script "" to rebuild ndk, some error happen at build gabi++. 

My command :
 $NDK/build/tools/ --verbose --systems=linux-x86 ~/tmp/

The error message is below:
Building armeabi,armeabi-v7a,x86,mips gabi++ binaries...
## COMMAND: /home/kevin/Lab/gitNDK/ndk/build/tools/ --verbose --package-dir="/tmp/ndk-kevin/prebuilt-20121130" -j8 --ndk-dir="/home/kevin/Lab/gitNDK/ndk" --abis=armeabi,armeabi-v7a,x86,mips
Creating temporary build Makefile: /tmp/ndk-kevin/tmp/build-32640/build-gabi++/Makefile
/home/kevin/Lab/gitNDK/ndk/build/tools/ 90: local: -mthumb: bad variable name
ERROR: Could not build gabi++!
ERROR: Could not build target prebuilts!

I don't know how to solve it. I have been try to upgrade my tools (like gcc, gawk, make, binutils, gcc-arm-linux-gnueabi...).
But I still can't pass this script. (I can pass it by remove all builder_cflags parameter in But it is a wrong way.)

Please help me to solve this problem, I have been fix it for a week...)
Thank you very much.

Kevin Fnag

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