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Crash with wallpaper

Jesclumi Wyingchou
Greetings, All

I don't know when background bitmap is set to null, and cause this crash, since I'm not familiar with Wallpaper service, it would be great if someone could shed some light on me.. this is no reproduceable every time. And I don't specific steps to repro.

E/AndroidRuntime(  333): FATAL EXCEPTION: main
E/AndroidRuntime(  333): java.lang.NullPointerException: texImage2D can't be used with a null Bitmap
E/AndroidRuntime(  333): at android.opengl.GLUtils.texImage2D(
E/AndroidRuntime(  333): at$DrawableEngine.loadTexture(
E/AndroidRuntime(  333): at$DrawableEngine.drawWallpaperWithOpenGL(
E/AndroidRuntime(  333): at$DrawableEngine.drawFrameLocked(
E/AndroidRuntime(  333): at$DrawableEngine.onSurfaceChanged(
E/AndroidRuntime(  333): at android.service.wallpaper.WallpaperService$Engine.updateSurface(
E/AndroidRuntime(  333): at android.service.wallpaper.WallpaperService$Engine.attach(
E/AndroidRuntime(  333): at android.service.wallpaper.WallpaperService$IWallpaperEngineWrapper.executeMessage(
E/AndroidRuntime(  333): at$MyHandler.handleMessage(


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