Creating Android Studio project programmatically

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Creating Android Studio project programmatically

Tomas Dirvanauskas

We have a software which generates a gradle project, for debugging purposes we use Android Studio and import gradle project, there are two problems with it when native debugger is used:
* We have symbols located in some remote path, and need to manually to set symbol path in Android Studio project settings
* We also need to tweak some lldb debugger start settings, like ignoring some signals, again currently the only way is to manually go debugger settings and write appropriate command there

Wondering how to skip the manual step here, and have Android Studio already with those settings, obviously we can't write anything in gradle file to affect those settings, so I am wondering maybe it's possible to programmatically create an Android Studio project. Or maybe there some other ideas?

Not sure if this is the right place to post such question, apologies upfront.

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