Debugging system server method parameters and local variables

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Debugging system server method parameters and local variables

Dean Wheatley-2
I have Android Studio Java debugging working fine with breakpoints enabled for
frameworks/base/services/core/java/com/android/server/tv/ when connected to a yukawa board running AOSP master.

public void onBootPhase(int phase) {
if (phase == SystemService.PHASE_SYSTEM_SERVICES_READY) { // Added breakpoint here.

If I break on the method onBootPhase first line, the class member mHdmiHotplugEventListener is available in the debugger variables, but no other variables (such as method argument 'phase') are available:

"Cannot find local variable 'phase'".

I am using a userdebug build for the yukawa.

Does the system server need to be compiled differently to support debugging of these method local variables? And/or, should certain system properties be set appropriately? Is an eng build required / sufficient to enable this?


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