Google Keep welcomes your pretty drawings on Android [feedly]

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Google Keep welcomes your pretty drawings on Android [feedly]

Ashish Mehraa

Google Keep welcomes your pretty drawings on Android
// Engadget

Google's Keep note-taking app has improved drastically since its release in 2013, thanks to features like labeled to-do lists being added over time. It's also now available for iOS, which opened the gates to the large audience of people who own Apple devices and use Google cloud services. Now, the search company is adding support for drawings to the Android version of Keep, letting you start dropping in doodles to any of your notes. It's a nice addition to an application that's useful as it stands; when you consider that it supports audio, photo and text notes, as well as lists, drawings was arguably the only feature missing. The update via Google Play is said to be rolling out already, but you can grab the APK here (courtesy of Android Police) if you don't feel like waiting.

Via: The Verge

Source: Android Police


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Ashish Mehra

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