Help - how to open unix shell without WIFI

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Help - how to open unix shell without WIFI

Notur Business
I need to know how to launch sh(1) or a terminal from after install.  I see a desktop have mouse, settings.

Installer did not see network cards (2) or wifi thumb so i cannot "install from play store", so any advice to install xyz foo vt101 from play store is out the window.  I understand this is a wide problem for many first installers:  the interface just doesn't present how to proceede to administration tasks.

I'm very new to android but old to custom linuxes.  I'm sure I can swim like a fish from there, fix my own problems.

Is the one currently installed.  I'm not opposed to trying a off-shoot like PrimOS, but I like to stick with "what google supervises".  If you suggest a different release please say why (ie: specifically to point of wifi or bash being better).  Thank you.

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