Here's how BlackBerry secured Android on the Priv #BBDroid

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Here's how BlackBerry secured Android on the Priv #BBDroid

Prakash Shetty

Here's how BlackBerry secured Android on the Priv #BBDroid

Here are some of the changes BlackBerry made to make sure the Android-powered Priv was as secure as you'd expect:

BlackBerry's Hardware Root of Trust, a unique manufacturing process that injects cryptographic keys into the device hardware, providing a secure foundation for the entire platform.

Verified Boot and Secure Bootchain, which uses the embedded keys to verify every layer of the device from hardware to OS to applications in order to make sure they haven't been tampered with.

A hardened Linux kernel with numerous patches and configuration changes to improve security.

FIPS 140-2 compliant full disk encryption on by default to protect your privacy.

The BlackBerry Infrastructure, a secure distributed global network that transmits petabytes of encrypted data to and from the world's most powerful leaders and professionals.

BES12, the leading Enterprise Mobility Management platform used by the world's most powerful governments and corporations.

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