How to coordinate AIDL file deployment for clients?

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How to coordinate AIDL file deployment for clients?


I am currently implementing a service (Binder server) in which my customers will interact with my service via Binders (using AIDL).  My code (the Binder server) will be developed completely independent from my customers' code (Binder client).  I am confused on how to coordinate this AIDL so that we can continue to work independently of each other.  I am planning to version the AIDL files in case I need to update the interface.

The way things will work, is that my service will be automatically loaded on the device prior to any of my customers' apps being installed on the device.  Then, once my customers' apps get installed, I would like them to be able to communicate with my service (binder server).  As mentioned in the question header though, I am curious what would be the minimal information I would need to give them in order for the clients to be able to dynamically connect to my service?

The way I was thinking of coordinating our interface was that I would just create an AIDL file as well as document it, and then give them the name of my service so they know what to connect to.  Then, all they would do is generate the java class with the AIDL file, implement the client side of the binder, and then use the service name I've given them to connect to my service.  Would this work?


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