How to enable the debug traces for system\nfc\src files ?

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How to enable the debug traces for system\nfc\src files ?

Olivier L
Can you please point me some reading explaining how to enable the debug traces of a driver?

For example, I would like to enable the traces for system\nfc\src files. I can see that there are conditional traces like this:

DLOG_IF(INFO, nfc_debug_enabled) << __func__;

but I don't know how to enable them. Is it possible to enable them at runtime? 

"system\nfc\src\adaptation\" contains a function called initializeGlobalDebugEnabledFlag() where the boolean nfc_debug_enabled is set according to a property called "nfc.debug_enabled" but I don't know how to change this property.

Thanks for your advices!

void initializeGlobalDebugEnabledFlag() {
(NfcConfig::getUnsigned(NAME_NFC_DEBUG_ENABLED, 0) != 0) ? true : false;

char valueStr[PROPERTY_VALUE_MAX] = {0};
int len = property_get("nfc.debug_enabled", valueStr, "");
if (len > 0) {
// let Android property override .conf variable
unsigned debug_enabled = 0;
(valueStr, "%u", &debug_enabled);
= (debug_enabled == 0) ? false : true;

(INFO, nfc_debug_enabled)
<< StringPrintf("%s: level=%u", __func__, nfc_debug_enabled);

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