Issues with integrating google play games with Unity game

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Issues with integrating google play games with Unity game

Youssef abou el fotouh
Hello ,
I'm having trouble with integrating google play games into my unity game.
Whenever i try to authenticate by calling method :
Social.localUser.Authenticate(success => { });
i get the google play games popup , but then i do not get the screen that makes me choose an account to authenticate.
And i get in my log :
WARNING: Failed to sign in to Google Play Game Services.

From my research , i understood that it was an issue with SHA-1 key , and people suggested switching between SHA-1 keys of "App signing certificate" and "Upload certificate" in the credentials of google developer console (under OAuth 2.0 client IDs).
However , i tried switching between both keys but with no luck , and finally i have both keys now in my google developer console at the same time and authentication still fails !

What could be wrong ?
Does my game have to be published in google play and also in game services (inside play console ) so that authentication works ?
Also note that i have added my email as a testing email under the section of "Testing" inside game services of my play developer account.

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