MediaMuxer is stuck during initialisation?

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MediaMuxer is stuck during initialisation?


we have an application that records the device's screen and microphone and writes both stream into an mp4 using a MediaMuxer. We are recording these videos in segments of 30 seconds length, i.e. after 30 seconds, we stop the current MediaMuxer and start a new one to record the next file. We now observed situations were this restart gets stuck and never starts writing the new file. The call that apparently never returns is, weirdly enough, the MediaMuxer constructor. We call it like this:

mMuxer = new MediaMuxer(getPath(), MediaMuxer.OutputFormat.MUXER_OUTPUT_MPEG_4);

According to our logs, our code does not get past this point. Unfortunately, I have no idea what's going wrong here.

I'm looking for theories on what could be going wrong in the constructor of MediaMuxer that's causing it to not return/hang?
Does it need to acquire some system resources that it might wait for indefinitely? Memory or File handles maybe?

Any pointers would be appreciated!

Thank you,

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