Need help building kernel for Nvidia Shield TV 2017/Darcy

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Need help building kernel for Nvidia Shield TV 2017/Darcy

Tomasz Witke

In past I've created definitions and build first Android TV x86 ISO which was near perfection, so I have some knowlage about AOSP building and troubleshooting in *nix environment.

 This week I've decided to build kernel for my Nvidia Shield TV 2017 and I'm feeling like an idiot since I don't know where to start. 

The problem is Nvidia released full AOSP tree only for Android 8 (GFE 7.x.x) and for Android 9 (GFE 8.x.x) there are only some definitions in manifest.:

fully buildable tree:;a=tree;h=refs/heads/rel-24-foster-r7-partner;hb=refs/heads/rel-24-foster-r7-partner

tree I want to use to build kernel:;a=tree;h=refs/heads/rel-32-shield-opensource;hb=refs/heads/rel-32-shield-opensource

there is even no build tools in updated tree...

I wanted to just do mp bootimage -j5 to build boot image but it's impossible.

Also I don't know how to build kernel outside AOSP tree.

Hint: somebody compiled kernel for Pie here but author is not answering question how to do this by ourself

Please point me a direction how can I build this kernel. I'd like to backport DVB support to it and aff some firmware blobs.

Thank you,

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