New Moto 360 appears in leaked photos [feedly]

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New Moto 360 appears in leaked photos [feedly]

Ashish Mehraa

New Moto 360 appears in leaked photos
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As IFA 2015 approaches, we could be closer to the new Moto 360 smartwatch than we think. Recently, two new images of the upcoming smartwatch were caught on someone’s wrist while being on-board a Chicago commuter train.

According to the pictures, the smartwatch matches some of the renders we have seen. The power button also appears to have changed position in the photos making us believe this is the real deal. As previously reported, it looks like the flat tire will remain present on the new smartwatch. Motorola still hasn’t figured out how to eliminate it, but save your thoughts for after the official unveiling. Motorola is making an appearance at IFA 2015, however we may see the smartwatch announced at a private event held in Chicago later this fall.

Ever since Android Wear has first announced, it has remained mostly the same. Hopefully Motorola has something new up its sleeve. You can expect the smartwatch to come with display and performance improvements and include Google’s new interactive watch face update pre-loaded. According to recent reports, the new Moto 360 will also include lots more options such as different sizes and more.

We should know more time come this fall.

Source: Gerrit Gödecke (Google+)
Via: The Verge

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Ashish Mehra

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