Obtaining IMS KPIs

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Obtaining IMS KPIs

Fernando Medina
We are builing an internal tool for our Android phone.

We have been requested to capture the following values:

RATIO: This KPI indicates the percentage of a specific case occurrence to all the cases.
MEAN: This KPI shows a mean measurement value based on a number of sample results.
CUM: This KPI reflects a cumulative measurement which is always increasing.
Initial Registration Success Rate of S-CSCF
Session Setup Time (Mean)
Session Establishment Success Rate
Third Party Registration Success Rate
Re-registration Success Rate of S-CSCF
Session Setup Time Originated from IMS (Mean)
Session Setup Time Originated from CS (Mean)
Immediate Messaging Success Rate
Session Establishment Network Success Rate
Retainability KPI
Call Drop Rate of IMS Sessions
Utilization KPI
Mean Session Utilization 

Are there values available to capture?  We will be installed as a platform signed apk.


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