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Provisioning Wi-FI profiles, Passpoint

work vlpl

I have a question about installing/updating wifi profiles. 
There is a new documentation, that was added recently 

I have a users that uses wifi profiles, that was installed as it described in documentation. The problems is that server certificate that is used for EAP-TTLS and EAP-TLS connection has limited time lifespan and soon will be expired. The CA that issued server certificate was bought by other CA and now new certificates will have different CA Root Certificate. When server certificate will expire the old wifi profiles will not trust new certificate. 

Even if all old wifi profiles will be updated, this will not prevent the same problem in the future. 

Is there exist not documented options, that allow check server certificate by it's FQDN instead of Root CA certificate?

I am asking because, the documentation was published recently, but this options (install wifi profiles) was available since Android 6.0. 

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