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Re: APP_PROJECT_PATH - Generate JNI output files outside of the NDK directory issue

Hi Syl,
Try setting APP_PROJECT_PATH to 
APP_PROJECT_PATH := /cygdrive/c/dev/android/myApp 
I was having the same weird issue until I removed whitespace in paths so that I wouldn't need to surround anything in double quotes and changed absolute paths to Cygwin style /cygdrive/c/...

good luck,

On Wednesday, March 3, 2010 6:08:03 AM UTC-5, Syl wrote:
First, I'm using NDK on Windows and I use cygwin to execute command

In NDK samples, projet files must be in <NDK_dir>/apps/<myApp>/

It's defines in the by
APP_PROJECT_PATH := $(call my-dir)/project

I read the APPLICATION-MK.TXT NDK documentation. They say it's
possible to modify the APP_PROJECT_PATH.

    This variable is mandatory and should give the *absolute*
    path to your Application's project root directory. This is used
    to copy/install stripped versions of the generated JNI shared
    libraries to a specific location known to the APK-generating

So, I set it in my file to APP_PROJECT_PATH := /

However, when I launch "make APP=myApp V=1", I get the error :
Android NDK: There is no under /cygdrive/c/dev/android/
Android NDK: If this is intentional  please define APP_BUILD_SCRIPT to
Android NDK: to a valid NDK build script

But the /cygdrive/c/dev/android/myApp/jni/ exists !

I try again by adding APP_BUILD_SCRIPT := /cygdrive/c/dev/android/
myApp/jni/ but it still fails !

I also try to compile with APP_PROJECT_PATH := C:/dev/android/myApp/
but it fails again...

Does anyone know how to solve this issue ?

Thanks for you help !

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