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David Newmark
Not sure what the cause is other than the new stack, but I can no longer receive the metadata from Play Music when I'm litening in my car.  No song data, no artwork.  It worked perfectly with BlueZ

On Sunday, November 18, 2012 9:26:55 PM UTC-6, Manuel Naranjo wrote:
Matthew, JBQ and all,

I've been playing with bluedroid from AOSP 4.2 tree, but after many
hours hacking I noticed you missed submitting gap_api.h (By looking at
the src structure it should be under stack/include), a c file
implementing those functions also is missing.

Some of the missing functions are GAP_Init, GAP_SetTraceLevel (those are
all the ones I'm getting as error when building).

I did try patching files to get at least LE scanning working, but I
failed because of this missing stuff. First I modified
include/bt_target.h then I started monkey patching some other files to
get a build that at least works (I made my own hcitool scan clone based
on some code available in the tree). I'm able to discover non LE
devices, but LE keep failing.

Anyway, enough talk, any chance you could provide with GAP
implementation? I want to start working on implementing some user level
API just for fun, but I can't go on so far. Wouldn't like to make my own
GAP implementation :)


ps: Off course this tool only works when I disable Android's bluetooth,
otherwise it collides, but I can't working on a Java layer until I know
what the inner pieces are.

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