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John Whitson
Ditto.  Mine just stopped working right a few days ago, and it's maddening.  I've tried all the usual tricks, restarting, shaking, cursing, looking in various forums, etc.

The trick seems to be now, not just a restart, but an actual power-off (to cold), then lay the device on a flat surface, power it on, then DO NOT TOUCH IT until you get to the lock screen.  It seems that they now recalibrate on power-up, every time they restart, if the device is at rest.  Give that a shot, and see if it works for you.

I was just about pulling my hair out, and saw this somewhere as a last resort.

This ought to be in a huge FAQ somewhere, since you and I aren't the only ones wondering about it, or having calibration problems.

On Friday, June 22, 2012 5:11:37 AM UTC-5, Cristian B wrote:

While i did read "Note that if you're a user looking for help with your Android device, this page probably isn't for you; you should contact your carrier or retailer for help with your phone", i completely disagree with it. I would rather know how the OS *should* work before blaiming my carrier/retailer (why not phone manufacturer?) for tampering with it.

That said, i sought the "Gyroscope calibration" in the previous (although unusual IMO) location where i stumbled upon it: the Display Settings. But apparently Android 4.0.2 (or probably earlier) decided that wasn't a good location for such a settings... I don't mind that decision, since the location IS poor, but where is it NOW? And where was i supposed to search for this information to find it on my own?


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