Regd issue on PinnedStack activity for a display rotation on Android 11

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Regd issue on PinnedStack activity for a display rotation on Android 11

Priyanka Bose-2

We have received 'system.img' from the Google Partner access that is compatible for Intel x86 platform. 
This is the build fingerprint after flashing the same:
[]: [Android/aosp_x86_64/generic_x86_64:11/RJR1.201105.001/6954071:userdebug/test-keys]

So with the above build when we are verifying the CTS PinnedStackActivity test case :"testPinnedStackInBoundsAfterRotation"  its ends in assertion failure  with area not in bounds for the task ROTATION_90.

So we would like to understand if you have also seen this behavior from your side on x86 platforms ( system.img being verified is provided on the Google partner site)
This is the window manager logcat from 0 to 90:

03-16 07:03:20.414   552   572 W ActivityTaskManager: Current config: {1.0 ?mcc?mnc [en_US] ldltr sw811dp w1442dp h787dp 213dpi xlrg long land -touch qwerty/v/v -nav/h winConfig={ mBounds=Rect(0, 0 - 1920, 1080) mAppBounds=Rect(0, 0 - 1920, 1080) mWindowingMode=fullscreen mDisplayWindowingMode=fullscreen mActivityType=undefined mAlwaysOnTop=undefined mRotation=ROTATION_0} s.140} unchanged for IME proc
03-16 07:03:20.414   552   572 I WindowManager: Override config changes=20000480 {1.0 ?mcc?mnc [en_US] ldltr sw811dp w811dp h1418dp 213dpi xlrg long port -touch qwerty/v/v -nav/h winConfig={ mBounds=Rect(0, 0 - 1080, 1920) mAppBounds=Rect(0, 0 - 1080, 1920) mWindowingMode=fullscreen mDisplayWindowingMode=fullscreen mActivityType=undefined mAlwaysOnTop=undefined mRotation=ROTATION_90} s.140} for displayId=0


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