Samsung’s newest devices to get Marshmallow in early 2016 [feedly]

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Samsung’s newest devices to get Marshmallow in early 2016 [feedly]

Ashish Mehraa

Samsung’s newest devices to get Marshmallow in early 2016
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Samsung releases more devices than any other Android Manufacturer we know. With that said, the company has an extremely hard time keeping up with system updates. A new report states that Samsung’s recent flagships will get Marshmallow beginning early 2016.

Marshmallow will bring many needed improvements to Android devices. Some of the major ones include improvements in battery consumption, memory usage tracking, power saving, auto backup and app permissions. If you recently bought a Samsung smartphone or tablet, you might be wondering when you’ll be getting Google’s new Android 6.0 update. Samsung says it will be updating its higher end smartphones and tablets first and focus on its mid-range devices a little bit later. Remember that when Samsung pushes out the update, it still must pass through the carriers which can take some additional time pending your carrier. YouMobile states these will be the company’s first devices to receive the Android 6.0 update:

Samsung Galaxy Note 5Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge+Samsung Galaxy S6Samsung Galaxy S6 DuosSamsung Galaxy S6 EdgeSamsung Galaxy Note 4Samsung Galaxy Note 4 DuosSamsung Galaxy Note EdgeSamsung Galaxy ALPHASamsung Galaxy Tab A

If you’re not on the list, that doesn’t mean you won’t be getting Android 6.0. You’ll just have to wait a little bit longer.

Source: YouMobile

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Ashish Mehra

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