Stop “Ethernet-service” from system server AOSP

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Stop “Ethernet-service” from system server AOSP

Viraj Mistry

am working on a problem where i need to stop Java based ethernet service which is started by system server and need to get IP from native DHCP client.

So far i have done following steps.

  1. Removed the code from where the service ( is being started by system server from file ( Still System server is going to start the ethernet service. I can see line from logcat that "I SystemServiceManager: Starting".
  2. Then along with step-1, i have also commented the "ethernet-service" from PRODUCT_PACKAGES & PRODUCT_SYSTEM_SERVER_JARS from file of AOSP ( build/target/product). Somehow i manage to stop the ethernet-service being loaded by system server but my android crash. It does not mount the file system fully. I believe due to dependency on other it crashed.( Though logs are still coming that system server is loading ethernet-server but due to missing ethernet-service class it is failing)

I need stop Ethernet service being loaded by system server. Please help me on this issue.

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