Swift / Clang error: module 'Glibc' has no member named 'stdout'

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Swift / Clang error: module 'Glibc' has no member named 'stdout'

Vlad Gorlov

I am building Swift package "https://github.com/apple/swift-log" on macOS for Android using NDK 21.3.6528147 and getting errors shown below when targeting API 21:

error: module 'Glibc' has no member named 'stderr'
error: module 'Glibc' has no member named 'stdout'

As i understand clang not including `#define` directives (like `#define stdin (&__sF[0])` from `sysroot/usr/include/stdio.h`) when building `Glibc` clang module :0

Is there any workaround or solution how to `expose` stdin, stdout, and stderr to Swift (via clang module) ?

Thank you in advance!

* * *

To reproduce you can:

1. Download Swift Toolchain for Android "https://github.com/vgorloff/swift-everywhere-toolchain/releases/tag/1.0.65"

2. Create a file with following contents:
#if os(macOS) || os(iOS) || os(tvOS) || os(watchOS)
import Darwin
#elseif os(Windows)
import MSVCRT
import Glibc

func test() {

   tolower(5) // sysroot/usr/include/ctype.h
   fesetround(6) // sysroot/usr/include/fenv.h
   localeconv() // sysroot/usr/include/locale.h
   #if os(Android)
   isnan(7) // sysroot/usr/include/math.h

   #if os(Android)
   _ = Glibc.stderr!
   _ = Glibc.stdout!

   //> sysroot/usr/include/stdio.h
   _ = FOPEN_MAX
   _ = off_t()
3. Compile this file for API 23 (should be OK):


/.../swift-android-toolchain/usr/bin/swiftc-arm-linux-androideabi ./FILE.swift -v -Xcc -D__ANDROID_API__=23


4. Compile this file for API 21 (should be the errors):


/.../swift-android-toolchain/usr/bin/swiftc-arm-linux-androideabi ./FILE.swift -v -Xcc -D__ANDROID_API__=21


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