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meaning for whitelist in hiddenapi-flags.csv

Hi all,

I am using veridex tool to detect using non-SDK interfaces, and I'd like to know the actual meaning of "whitelist" flag in hiddenapi-flags.csv.

Android developers web page says that "whitelist" means:-
Interfaces that can be freely used and are supported as part of the officially documented Android framework Package Index.

Q1: What is different between "public-api" and "whitelist"?
  e.g.) android/os/IBinder->linkToDeath() has both flags.

Q2: Why android/os/IHwBinder;->xxxx() is not listed in Package Index even if it has "whitelist" flag?

I am understanding that "whitelist" flag will be appended if developer requested a new Public API to @hide API and to be approved.
Is this correct?


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