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sepolicy: open a file by Surfaceflinger


I need to make Surfaceflinger open my test file.
(Dev Env: Androd11, Pixel5)

So, I created mysufaceflinger.te in target device directory.
The file has the following content.
allow surfaceflinger app_data_file:file { read write open getattr };

But... When I tried to build.
Android build system gave me sad message like that...

libsepol.report_failure: neverallow on line 194 of system/sepolicy/private/domain.te (or line 39297 of policy.conf) violated by allow surfaceflinger app_data_file:file { open };
libsepol.check_assertions: 1 neverallow failures occurred
Error while expanding policy
17:39:57 ninja failed with: exit status 1

I learned that it is not allowed for Surfaceflinger open any file. That is default policy for surfaceflinge.

However, I need it. I should make Surfaceflinger access my data. I have not find a proper solution.
I am stuck on this issue for a long time

Could you give me any advice for that?

Thank you.

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